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Our Fully Automated DevOps Platform Comes With Batteries Included, Giving You

AI Included

Easily integrate AI into any aspect of your product without the infrastructure headaches. Batteries handles the complex stuff so you can focus on building great ML features.

Efficiency Included

Shorten product cycles and get back to working on your core product. Don’t spend another sprint trying to fix compatibility issues with third party platforms.

Cost-Savings Included

Batteries offer a cost-effective, scalable solution with top-tier autoscaling to reduce waste, ensuring quick and efficient scaling at lower costs.

Security Included

Our infrastructure automates end-to-end security, deploying fixes and updates without any manual effort on your part.

Automation Included

Accelerate product cycles, focus on your core product, and avoid wasting sprints on third-party compatibility issues.

Reliability Included

Adjusting databases to prevent crashes and implementing monitoring with automated solutions for quick issue resolution.

We Have Batteries For

databases image


Fully automated PostgreSQL that works with your existing stack. Because you need to store SQL data. Spin it up, back it up, scale it, change it, edit it – automatically. All without touching any config or CLI. Plus it works with your existing stack, with integrations for Redis, FerretDB, and Blob Storage

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Web Services

All the tools you need to build and operate virtually any kind of application or service in seconds - without compromising on security or stability. Push out new versions without headaches, and dynamically scale up and down with usage. We’ve built our platform on industry-standard open source code, so you get all the benefits with none of the headaches. Runs on any cloud, or your own machine

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security image


A single command center to manage every mission critical security config quickly and easily without breaking stuff. With our platform, you get SSO everywhere you need it, mesh networking, security scanning, automated SSL, and the flexibility to run on any machine. Dynamic configurations mean all of your permissions are constantly updating synchronously, so nothing breaks, and everything stays secure

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we have batteries for

Machine Learning

Batteries Included provides an integrated development environment to help your team get machine learning projects off the ground faster, and with better results. Prepare data, host models, and manage pipelines with ease. Our environment makes it easy to integrate machine learning projects into your team’s day-to-day, with space for notebooks, code, data, and more

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Operational Tools

The Batteries Included platform is purpose-built to make life easier for Ops teams, with tools that make it easy to monitor and fix your software

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Why Open Source?

We built Batteries Included on a fully-open sourced stack to get you fully-portable, best-in-class technology without the pain. Our solutions are industry standard out of the box, ensuring you can work the way you want, and build the way you want, without being limited by your infrastructure.

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