Welcome to your devserver

Welcome to your shiny new devserver. This cloud based linux machine should make it easy to develop the Batteries Included platform without worrying about dependencies.


  • A ssh key. You should have an ssh key that was added to your account, we’ll use that from now on when connecting.
  • A wireguard config. You should be given this file.
  • A devserver IP



Install the WireGuard app. Then click the icon in the tray. Select ‘Import Tunnel(s) from file’ then choose the file from pre-reqs.

Mac Command line

If you prefer the command line then it’s possible to do that. Install wireguard brew install wireguard-tools Put the file in /opt/homebrew/etc/wireguard as some file. For example wg0.conf

Run wg-quick up wg0


Install wireguard.sudo apt install wireguard Put the provided wg config in /usr/local/etc/wireguard as some file. For example wg0.conf

Run wg-quick up wg0

SSH Config

Since our ssh is here, but we’re going to be cloning from github, lets set up ssh to forward our key agent. Add the following to your ssh config ~/.ssh/config

Host devserver
  ForwardAgent yes


Before we can connect to a running set of the code, we need the code to be on the devserver (hopefully this is automated soon). Lets clone the repo, then allow direnv to work in that repository.

ssh devserver
git clone
cd main
direnv allow

That last direnv allow should take a while. It compiles all of the dependencies for the cli, the control server, the home server, and example projects.


First add the Remote SSH extension

For example running the following in vscode: ext install ms-vscode-remote.remote-ssh


Everything should be able to be connected now. Open Vscode Choose the Remote Explore tab on the left. devserver should be an option there, and the main repo should be selectable.

You can continue with the Developing section from the readme, by running bix bootstrap in one shell, and after everything’s ready bix dev in another server.


There’s one limitation of this currently. The kubernetes loadbalancer IP will only be accessible on the linux machine and not on your laptop.