Platform Engineering Insights on The Cloudcast Podcast

29 Nov 2023


2 min read


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Exciting news for all tech enthusiasts and professionals! Elliott Clark, the CEO and founder of Batteries Included, recently appeared on The Cloudcast, a leading podcast in cloud computing. In this episode, Elliott delves into his rich experience in platform engineering at FAANG companies and discusses the future of software infrastructure platforms.

Catch Elliott’s episode ‘Behind the scenes of building Platform Engineering’ on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Cloudcast’s own site.

Key Highlights from Elliott Clark’s Interview

Here’s a brief summary of the podcast and why you should definitely give it a listen.

  1. Journey Through Tech Giants: Elliott shares his journey from Cloudera to Meta (Facebook), highlighting his work on HBase, an open-source big data database, and his transition to developing developer tools, infrastructure testing, and internal developer platforms.
  2. The Evolution of Developer Platforms: The discussion covers how developer platforms evolved organically at Meta, addressing the challenges of scaling and maintaining quality as more developers contribute to a monolithic codebase.
  3. Cultural Shifts in Platform Engineering: Elliott talks about the cultural aspects of consolidating various platforms into a unified system, emphasizing the importance of code quality and developer buy-in.
  4. Insights on Developer Tools and Operations: He provides valuable insights into the tools that developers value most, such as those that offer fast iteration times, and the importance of providing operations teams with comprehensive information.
  5. The Balance in Platform Engineering: Elliott discusses the balance between offering a prescriptive, automated platform and allowing developers the flexibility to use their preferred tools.
  6. Open Source in Platform Engineering: He advocates for the power of open source in building tools but also acknowledges the challenges in using open source for platforms that require more opinionated choices.

Connect with Elliott Clark and Batteries Included:

These insights are just a tip of the iceberg. To dive deeper into the world of platform engineering and learn more about Batteries Included, visit their website at You can also reach out to Elliott directly via email at or Linkedin.