Why Open-Source Systems for a Software Platform

13 Dec 2023


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Introduction: The Power of Open-Source Systems

From the outset, let’s establish a strong thesis: Open-source systems are not just an option but the optimal choice for any forward-thinking software platform.

The Open-Source Advantage: No More Vendor Lock-In

Open-source services offer a clear advantage: they dramatically minimize vendor dependency. With infrastructure under permissive licenses like Apache 2, MIT, and BSD, businesses can move their systems to any hardware vendor, both now and in the future. This flexibility ensures you’re not confined to a specific library or language, allowing you to make informed decisions without the looming threat of unexpected price hikes.

Kubernetes: The Ideal Base Layer

Despite its inherent complexity, Kubernetes is the perfect base layer for building platforms. While it might seem intricate and overly complex, the open-source software on Kubernetes is nothing short of revolutionary. We harness this power at Batteries Included, ensuring the complexity magically fades away. Of course, it’s not actual magic—it’s the result of tireless efforts from the best infrastructure team in the business. You can always look inside the Magic tab of the Batteries Included platform to see the tools and automation that make simplicity possible.

Kubernetes and Metrics/Logging

Metrics and other forms of feedback are particularly powerful when combined with Kubernetes. It allows fast responses to changes in running services at a very accurate and granular level. So Batteries Included pulls all indicators we can about the health of our platform from Kubernetes.

The Cost/Time/Value Dilemma

The software industry often recommends systems that, while powerful, come with a steep learning curve. The time and resources required to integrate these systems often make the cost/time/value trade-off unappealing. Take, for instance, the documentation for Keycloak’s REST API. Just reading through it is a monumental task, and such documentation is often incomplete. Open source is often state of the art, always powerful, but rarely easy to use.

Sometimes it is so complex as to be prohibitavely hard to operate.

Batteries Included: The All-Inclusive Platform

All Inclusive Resort

Enter Batteries Included, a platform that embodies the very essence of open-source systems. Based on the robust Kubernetes framework, our platform offers “pluggable batteries” that are based on open-source. This ensures that users are not tethered to a single vendor, providing unparalleled flexibility and freedom.

The Interface-Driven Automated Revolution

The beauty of our platform lies in its interface-driven approach. Complex software (which often accurately describes open source software), that previously was daunting due to technical intricacies, becomes accessible. Teams no longer have to grapple with the challenges of installing, testing, configuring, or deploying open-source software.


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Our platform’s integrated low-latency UI is a game-changer. It seamlessly brings together every team member, offering swift access to dashboards, development tools, and machine learning notebooks—all under a single OAuth login. Inside that UI we are able offer guided flexiblity with guard rails. The platform brings together relevant information from disperate systems, allowing engineers to move super quickly and efficiently without worry.

The Robin Hood of Software Platforms


Choosing Batteries Included is akin to the legendary tale of Robin Hood. By leveraging our platform, businesses can tap into the open-source innovations of tech giants like FAANG, but at a fraction of the cost. And let’s be honest, how many companies boast budgets that rival Google or Amazon? (Hint: Not many!)


With their flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and robustness, open-source systems are undeniably the future of software platform technology. Batteries Included stands at the forefront of this revolution, offering businesses a platform that’s both powerful and easy to use. The future is open-source, and with Batteries Included, it’s brighter than ever.