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Batteries Included for AI

Streamlined Artificial Intelligence

Batteries Included provides an integrated development environment to help your team get Artificial Intelligence projects off the ground faster, and with better results. Prepare data, host models, and manage pipelines with ease. Our environment makes it easy to integrate Artificial Intelligence projects into your team’s day-to-day, with space for notebooks, code, data, and more.

Artificial Intelligence

With The Batteries Included

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Notebooks: Included

Launch JupyterLab inside our integrated development environment with the push of a button. Our out-of-the-box functionality includes managed notebooks for exploring data and building AI models, all through a simple user interface.

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LLM Hosting: Included

A pre-configured text generation web UI that can be added to any project with a single click, powered by OogaBooga. Instantly add features and test new models.

Why Open Source?

We built Batteries Included on a fully-open sourced stack to get you fully-portable, best-in-class technology without the pain. Our solutions are industry standard out of the box, ensuring you can work the way you want, and build the way you want, without being limited by your infrastructure.

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