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A Single Command center To Manage Every Mission Critical Security Config Quickly And Easily, Without Breaking Things

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Batteries Included for Security

All The Tools You Need To Keep Your Operations Secure

A single command center to manage every mission critical security config quickly and easily without breaking stuff. With our platform, you get SSO everywhere you need it, mesh networking, security scanning, automated SSL, and the flexibility to run on any machine. Dynamic configurations mean all of your permissions are constantly updating synchronously, so nothing breaks, and everything stays secure.


With The Batteries Included

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SSO for Everything: Included

With our pre-congifugred Keycloak implementation, you can deploy SSO for anything (and replace third-party providers like Auth0 and Okta) with a single keystroke. From monitoring, to internal applications, and other services, we can help you keep your company’s digital footprint secure.

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Mesh Networking: Included

Get mesh networking out of the box with ISTIO by Batteries Included. Transparent security allows you to track and secure communications with ease. Get end-to-end SSL encryption, authentication, and mapping, so you can see everything happening on your networks.

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Security Scanning: Included

Batteries Included constantly scans everything on your servers, looking for misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, open passwords, and more. All delivered automatically in a list with proposed fixes.

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Dynamic Security: Included

Our automated SSL solution powers secure, streamlined security, with easily configured permissions across web services and databases. Get new SSL certs, setup correctly, and kept up to date, without the headache. Powered by cert-manager and Let’s Encrypt.

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Run Anywhere: Included

Run your services however you want, wherever you want. Private cloud, or on-premises -- with our flexible solutions, the choice is yours.

Why Open Source?

We built Batteries Included on a fully-open sourced stack to get you fully-portable, best-in-class technology without the pain. Our solutions are industry standard out of the box, ensuring you can work the way you want, and build the way you want, without being limited by your infrastructure.

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