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Batteries Included for Operational Tools

Easy Monitoring. Easier Fixes

The Batteries Included platform is purpose-built to make life easier for Ops teams, with tools that make it easy to monitor and fix your software. We offer pre-configured solutions for dashboards that automatically populate with key metrics -- out of the box. Easy to find, easy to configure, easy to startup. A single pane of glass to help your ops team see everything happening in production.

Ops Tools

That Come With Batteries Included

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Monitoring: Included

Batteries stores and scrapes all of your metrics from all of your services, and serves it to you in easily digestible dashboards, automatically -- no config needed. Monitor your entire stack in a single pane of glass, and get clarity on product usage, feature prioritization, and fixes. Powered by Grafana and Victoria Metrics.

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Auto-Remediation: Included

Our powerful metrics and dashboards also power our auto-remediation feature. Automated tuning dynamically responds to issues and resolves them in the blink of an eye.

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Full Timeline: Included

See everything that has happened on your cluster in the last 30 days with a full timeline and version history, all linked directly to a change log so you can quickly find errors and reverse them. Get to the root cause of issues faster, and fix them immediately.

hosting image

Image Hosting: Included

Get docker image hosting for any of your projects. Image hosting in your cluster makes deployments faster, and software more portable. Eliminating third-party hosting is just one more way we help keep your data more secure.

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Git Hosting: Included

Self-host your github with our Gitea integration, keeping your source code local for fast and easy deployments, and agile updates. Keep your software internal to your own machines for enhanced security. Works with github.

Why Open Source?

We built Batteries Included on a fully-open sourced stack to get you fully-portable, best-in-class technology without the pain. Our solutions are industry standard out of the box, ensuring you can work the way you want, and build the way you want, without being limited by your infrastructure.

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