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Batteries Included for Web Services

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Batteries Included has all the tools you need to build and operate virtually any kind of application or service in seconds - without compromising on security or stability. Push out new versions without headaches, and dynamically scale up and down with usage. We’ve built our platform on industry-standard open source code, so you get all the benefits with none of the headaches.

Batteries Included can work on any cloud, or your own computer.

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With The Batteries Included

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Smooth Deployment: Included

Ship new code fearlessly with our blue/green deployment system. Slow migration with constant health checks and monitoring ensures a flawless roll out every time

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Automatic Scaling: Included

We scale your services automatically based on usage, ensuring you can always serve a fast response and avoid anything breaking, all while keeping your operations efficient.

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Cost-Savings: Included

Automated scaling also means scaling down to conserve costs when services aren’t in use. Our auto config helps you avoid burning budget on compute, with average savings of 25-30%

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OAuth and SSO: Included

Deploy SSO for anything - and replace third-party providers like Auth0 and Okta - with a single keystroke. Launch secure web apps without a single line of code.

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Dynamic Security: Included

Our automated SSL solution powers secure, streamlined security, with easily configured permissions across web services and databases. Get new SSL certs, setup correctly, and kept up to date, without the headache. Powered by cert-manager and Let’s Encrypt.

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Work With Any Cloud: Included

Run your services however you want, wherever you want. With our flexible solutions, you can choose the best option for your use case - whether you want to use AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or your own Kubernetes cluster. From private cloud to on-premises, the world is your oyster.

Why Open Source?

We built Batteries Included on a fully-open sourced stack to get you fully-portable, best-in-class technology without the pain. Our solutions are industry standard out of the box, ensuring you can work the way you want, and build the way you want, without being limited by your infrastructure.

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